Info & Registration 2022/2023
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Info & Registration 2022/2023

Seminar on “Delusions”

“Everyone is mad, that is, delusional”
(Jacques Lacan)

As part of the preparations for the next Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, which will take place in 2024, under the title “Everyone Is Mad”, we set out this year on an exploration of “Delusions”. Although Lacan’s aphorism – formulated in 1979, the very same year in which he created the Freudian Field Foundation – implies a generalisation or rather ‘universalisation’ of delusion, it does not, for all that, efface the foundations of the clinic or necessarily dispense with the structural distinctions that they establish. Instead, it opens a new chapter and calls upon us to return to these foundations with increased rigour, taking them up in their own terms, but also in the light of more recent developments.

The Workshop series on “Delusions” will consist of seven sessions of four hours each, with speakers drawn from across the Freudian Field. Each four-hour session will be split between a morning seminar, in which the speaker will provide a theoretical development of the day’s theme, and an afternoon seminar in which the delusion in question will be illustrated with a clinical case or cases drawn, either from the speakers own practice, the history of psychoanalysis, the annals of psychiatry or a mixture of these.

The programme has been established under the personal direction of Jacques-Alain Miller. For further information, please see the Argument and Programme available on other pages of this site.


UCH Education Centre
1st Floor West,
250 Euston Road, London – NW1 2PG

In Person & Zoom

The Workshop will take place in person at University College Hospital.
Those residing outside the UK will have the option to join us via Zoom.

Cost for series: £‎300

£‎150 for NHS trainees & for students/trainees under 27.